garbage collection in the Korostyshev quarry - article from artpartner

garbage collection in the Korostyshev quarry

The great authorities start from small contributions, but the pure country starts from you!

So we don’t check excellent luck for doing good work! Studio ARTPARTNER, dbaє about the current middle ground is not only in words but on the right!
Clean up the garbage, as it was surplus before us by the different campers on the Korostishivsky kar’єrі – not a problem!

Our planet is going through a tremendous ecological crisis, so if you make an insignificant contribution, the situation in the world will improve. We care that the thought about those that one person can’t change anything is far from the truth, even if it’s possible to add three respects to your food, changing the floors will be great, so it won’t be essential to remember them. Wait a minute, where better to live in the fresh air without burning the plasticity of those different plaques under your feet.

Also, if you want to live without wandering and garbage – come to the good side! Become a volunteer of cleanliness and the ARTPARTNER design studio; it doesn’t matter as much as it looks at first glance!