Trip on SUP board - article from artpartner

Trip on SUP board

A friendly team is the key to successful work. Successful work is an excellent result. Excellent result – happy and satisfied clients of ARTPARTNER studio.

However, this is not the only secret to the success of our studio. Healthy habits and active recreation – that’s what helps us maintain friendships and a favorable atmosphere within the studio.

So this year, from all kinds of possible recreation, we decided to choose for ourselves. Riding on sap-boards is not the most extreme sport, but you can get some adrenaline! Our team has tried and confidently declares that vivid emotions and pleasant memories are guaranteed for a long time!

By the way, such active recreation on the water turned out to be very useful, because sap-surfing is a great combination of cardio and strength training in which absolutely all parts of the body are involved.