Decoration - Artpartner


Our design studio is also in the field of interior decoration. Often, the developer gives the owner an apartment in which the floor, kitchen, and bathroom furniture are already installed. This option is also relevant for rented premises. It is not advisable to change the layout and placement of electrical and plumbing outlets for such objects. Therefore, we work with the data that we have received while performing the following services:

  • Development of project plan, schedule and budget.
  • Scanning the room and creating a virtual 3D space
  • Development of the room layout,
  • Development of the main concept by colors, textures, brands and much more
  • Work with showrooms on the choice of furniture and approval of their configuration and decoration.
  • Development of the concept of lighting functionality 
  • Organization of procurement and logistics of all interior elements

We provide our customers with our own discounts, which we have developed over more than 16 years of studio activity.
The cost of work – 10 percent of the budget