About - Artpartner


All of our projects use a unique style suited to the client’s needs.

Design process:
We have a highly systematic and professional step-by-step design process
First, we need to consider the specific needs of the building and adjust our design plans accordingly to make them work for each room.
Then, our team puts together mood boards showing the look and feel of the final design. We always ask our clients for feedback and whether they like the direction so far.
Afterward, we take the result and put it into a range of different visualization options which our clients can then look at and give even more feedback on.
We will then make tweaks and changes to the visualization until our client is fully happy with the final design.
In terms of pricing, we give you ongoing invoices once each stage of a project, or room, is completed, for you to sign off and watch the use of the budget.
We will make sure that we consider your design needs at every stage of the process.
We will continue to consult with our clients to make sure that they are happy with the direction of the project during the entire renovation process.

Furniture/finishing materials supply:
We have a relationship with an Italian warehouse wich supplies us with high-quality materials
We also have a relationship with a local warehouse that is able to deliver high-quality bespoke finishes/installations.
We will organize the entire process and procurement of materials from these factories but ultimately you will be able to enter into a direct contract with the supplier
We are able to buy furniture directly from the factory which avoids the high markup from the showroom which is 40-55%
For installation, you are able to select your own service provider or we can assist you find one who is able to implement the design.

Project management supply:
Our team will make sure that the process of implementing this design is made clear, easy, done efficiently.
Our team has many years of experience in making designs become a reality in many countries.

Our project management services:

  • Organizing logistics (delivery, payment, terms control) of the local materials and furniture.
  • Acceptance of all items according to the following parameters: quantity, integrity, delivery time.
  • Organization of unloading/uploading, skidding materials, and furniture
  • Negotiation with contractors in engineering, air ventilation/conditioning, etc.
  • Negotiations with contractors. Control of their discipline and quality (full time).
  • Creating offers for bespoke furniture from local suppliers (Poland, Ukraine).
  • Making changes to the project during renovation (if needed) and their implementation to the project, considering all existing (at this moment) confirmed engineer solutions and purchases.