Services of Artpartner -

Remote work

We also can work remotely and there are arguments why this is a good idea:

1. We regularly attend the main European exhibitions and are well versed in European manufacturers of furniture, finishing materials, appliances, sanitary ware, etc. …

2. If the project is large enough (more than 200m2), then we leave for measurement, initial discussion

3. We have been engaged in interior design for 14 years and we have a debugged system for generating references for the subsequent creation of a concept.

4. All employees of the company are certified architects with extensive experience and awards in the field of interior design.

5. The cost of services is lower than that of European colleagues

How we work:

  • Sign a contract, 30% prepayment.
  • After drawing the existing plan, we discuss the planning of the premises. In order not to forget anything, we have a questionnaire with basic questions, such as: how many people will live, their age, pets, etc.
  • We form several options for layouts, discuss their strong and weak sides and leave one layout for later editing.
  • We sharpen the details and personalize the layout as much as possible.
  • We agree on the concept, find out the taste preferences of the customer.
  • We analyze the references received from the customer, prepare clarifying references, agree on an approximate budget in order to understand what level of brands we can use.
  • Additional payment of 30%
  • We make 3D visualization of the “key” room (usually it is a living room)
  • We receive feedback, make edits or completely redo it (in total, you can get up to 3 options for each room)
  • After agreeing on the main room, we do the rest – no more than 2 rooms at a time (work step by step allows you to reduce the risks of customers)
  • After we have approved more than 50% of the visualizations at home, we receive another 20% surcharge.
  • We finish the visualization, proceed to the drawings. Drawings are executed by the Main Architect
  • After the drawings have been checked by the chief designer, we send them to the customer to check them as well.
  • We form a specification indicating brands, color models of everything that is in the project.
  • We receive the remaining 20% ​​and send the project
  • We advise the customer throughout the entire repair process.

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